Why Kitchen Tea Towels?

These towels are made for messes. They are absorbant and durable. The dye technique that I use will hide stains and add character to the towel instead of ruining it. They are practical and pretty. I needed something in my kitchen that was both. I could hang the towels as decoration and also tackle the spills in my kitchen. 

I have had so many beautiful kitchen towels hanging on my oven or dishwasher only to be grabbed by my kids or husband and thrown on top of spaghetti sauce or spilled coffee. And there is no recovery for that towel.

I also have a stack of kitchen towels that don't absorb any liquid. They are pretty but are basically useless. Everyone likes a good smear job when juice hits the hard wood floor. 

I love norwex, but they don't look pretty hanging in my kitchen. They hang out of sight. It is just the facts. And I'll admit that I am shallow like that. 

I have so many of these towels that I have had and used for years. I can attest to their durability. I have loved them so much, that I would dye sets and give them as gifts. I am just now confident in my dye skills to sell them. 

I hope you give them a try and fall in love with them as much as I have!